Most Recent Gig was Belfair Eagles Club – Get your kicks at 4226   Leave a comment

We love this place – our launch site.

We added Pat a year ago now…. so we started about 15 months ago. It’s going to be an awesome year. We’re growing.




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Casey’s Again – Good Show   Leave a comment

WE did our Christmas Music –

The band was well rehearsed and sounding tight.

small crowd –

Very nice bartender.

And to all a good night.



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Wow – lots to catch up on – Let’s See………..   Leave a comment

Oh yeah… Casey’s was great fun! Getting used to the sound of the room takes a set.

So…. shortly thereafter…. we got a gig at a very hip and cool club for which we were totally unsuited.

LOL – it happens as many of you know

Neat place called El Amigo in Centralia, WA.

Ask us about it sometime.

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We Pulled It Off   Leave a comment

For some reason, I was uptight about our gig at Casey’s. Even though I know I have the most incredible and wonderful comrades in the music business at my side… namely Jerry McDaniel on drums and percussion, Mr. Bobby Lee on bass and lead vocals and harmony plus Mr. Patrick Edwards on gorgeous pedal steel guitar, and our faithful manager, agent, den mother, Sandra watching our back, I wasn’t sure if we were ready for a full bar gig. Turns out we are.

I hope they have us back because, now we know more about how to set up for optimal sound and comfort. Vocal monitors are a must. We could all play quieter and reinforce the mix where necessary.

There may be ways to dampen the live glass reflections. Heck — we could even occupy the space in a similar configuration as our normal rehearsals. There, we always hear the mix pretty well.

Sweet bartender too.

Good fish and chips. 


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Next Gig At Casey’s In Belfair, WA   Leave a comment

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OysterFest 2011 A Big Success!   Leave a comment

Hey… they want us back next year. Thanks to all our fans and friends!

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So… now it’s the END of the summer and we’ve played Harvest Fest in Allyn. This show is an annual food drive and benefit for the Food Bank in the Allyn-North Mason County, WA area.

Now… if we could only put up some carpeting and tube traps on the ceiling of the gazebo…. to dampen the echo…. You know… we could – or someone could without impacting the space in any other way other than improving the sound. An acoustician would say… “it’s way too live”.

I’ve played there half a dozen times now with various combos and when you have a duo with small amps… the ambient reverb is excellent. Add a full band and it’s nice, but swimming in its own reflections.

In the absence of decent monitors, it’s challenging and kaotic.



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